Finding Rest in a busy place

Dedicated to all Elsie's Sisters, friends who lead challenging lifestyles
Dedicated to all Elsie’s Sisters, friends who lead challenging lifestyles

Elsie’s paintings

Please click above to view more incredible paintings and stories by Elsie Randall.  It may take a minute to down load…but worth the wait ;O)


5 thoughts on “Finding Rest in a busy place

  1. Hi Elsie,
    I am a great admirer of your art…in particular the turtle you have beautifully framed and have put up for raffle at Coffee Art Maclean. I would love to see more!!

    1. Hi Nicole,

      I’m so very sorry for not responding sooner than now. Have been extramely busy with new projects and arranging up and coming Art Exhibitions. But in any event, thankyou for your lovely words re my work.. I also wanted to let you know that I am having an art exhibition in Maclean during the Maclean Highland Gathering, Easter Long Weekend. Our opening day is planned to occur on 21st April and the general vewing to run over the long weekend. Hope you will be able to attend and see the wider varitey of my work. This exhibition will also showcase other local (Clarence Valley) Aboriginal artist as our special guest artists. So watch out for our media release as this date draws near.

      P.S The Coffee Art Cafe have other apinting hanging in the shop (if you have already seen these).



      1. Elsie, when is the highland gathering. My family used to travel down each year when the uncles were young men in the pipe band.
        I also need to apologise for not getting back to your message.
        I will catch up with you in the new year for a yarn over coffee … OK?

  2. What I have seen looks really great but where can I see it in real life? I live at Wangi near Newcastle. Cheers, Peter

  3. Hi, I love your work, philosophy and emotion behind your art,
    Like to do a class with you if you are available,

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