Colour & Stories

Elsie’s Primary Colours include:

Red    – used primarily to represent dysfunction, unsettling emotion and despair.

Yellow  – for solid friendships and family support.

White  –  cultural faith, truth and honesty

Black  –  is her cultural spirituality and cosmic dreaming colour.

Brown  –  represents the land of which Elsie is born.

Blues/Greens  – represent the environmental beauty of  her country from where she was raised and live (by the sea amongst the bush, east coast NSW. (Coastal Goori Woman)

Elsie is often approached by Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people, requesting to paint their story/experience and through Elsie they too have begun the process of reflecting and gaining acceptance through their own journey of healing…all with a beautiful painting to remind them of the unique journey Elsie has taken them on.

Please contact if you would like Elsie to paint your story.

Keep in mind how many colors, what colors and what size painting you would like.


One thought on “Colour & Stories

  1. Hello Elsie –
    I would be pleased if you would contact me and provide your contact details – particularly your Newcastle gallery. I saw some of your works on the STATEWIDE program tonight – in the context of the Newcastle Regional Gallery – and I would be interested in buying one of your works. Congratulations to you on your success dating back over 5 years.

    Best wishes
    Andrew McConaghy

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