Elsie Randall – Yaegl Artist

 The Yaegl Country Aboriginal Art Exhibition has been on in Maclean over Easter showcasing a number of local artists from ages 10 to 50.

The delightful Elsie Randall creates amazing paintings that you can actually touch.This work is about Elsie’s girlfriends/sisters and the highs and lows that they support each other through. If you close your eyes and trace your finger from side to side there is a sensation of the rough and the smooth mirroring the realities of our lives.
Maclean in Easter is a huge celebration of Scottish culture with the annual Highland Gathering, it is a great idea to have this show on at the same time. As Elsie states, “It is a time when Aboriginal and Scottish can share in celebration of their cultures through dance, music and art.”


2 thoughts on “Elsie Randall – Yaegl Artist

  1. Please let me know your address for the newcastle studio. I would like to drop in after seeing a snippet on the 7:30 report Friday 10 May

  2. Elsie, your work is stunningly beautiful – I particularly love that you invite the viewer to touch, bringing the extra meaning and dimension of tactile experience of the work. so looking forward to meeting as soon as possible 🙂 Cheers, Wendy.

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